Becoming more comfortable with uncertainty in our lives has a great potential to wake us up. Live with vulnerability and courage to become a trans-formative vessel of change by recognizing our life's teachable moments. Being awaken from a sleep pushes us to be real with ourselves and others. At this time we can finally turn "arrows into flowers" with incredible resilience for diverse experiences; where nothing is solid yet everything is seen through a new set of eyes with compassion and strength into the new scary and unknown. We have just opened the door to tremendous peace, freedom, meaning and sense of dichotomy, joyfulness and curiosity. I make sense again...



07/14/2016 12:26am

What a good way of giving advice! This is what people who suffer from anxiety needs to do. Turn arrows into flowers! If we only look on the positive and brighter side of things, we'll always feel blessed. We'll experience inner peace and everyone will do their best in what they do because we have this hope that one day, everything will get better.


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